GNSS Receiver Box


XG-RB-2 a compact GNSS Receiver Box - originally designed to help GNSS network providers to buid GNSS reference stations quickly and easily. Although it was designed for GNSS it can be used for other devices (such as IoT) requing power supply with UPS functionality and communication link.

Compact all-in-one design doesn't require any additional components.


Backup Batteries
provide power in case of power failure. One 12V/12Ah battery has enough capacity to power up communication link for up to 20 hours. Second (optional) battery can be added to extend capacity. Optionally, depending on configuration, it can be used to power up GNSS receiver or other devices.
Power Distribution Unit XF-35-12
supplies power for communication link and other devices. It automatically charges backup batteries and use them in case of power failure. Surge protection protects all internal devices against overvoltages and voltage peaks. Status of the PDU is indicated by LEDs and electronic signal on terminals which can be used for remote monitoring.
Communication link
industrial dual SIM LTE router is used to provide reliable Internet connectivity. 1 WAN, 3 LAN, WiFi, BT, VPN, remote management, GPIO, RS232, RS485, USB, ...
GNSS Antenna Lightning Arrestor
build in protection with N-Type connector.
Cable Entry Plate
cable protection and easy installation


400 x 350 x 190 mm (w x h x d)
IP20 IK08
Input voltage:
110 V/230 V (90 V - 264 V) universal input
Output voltage:
13.8 V
Output power:
35 W
EN IEC 61000-6-2, ed.4, EN IEC 61000-6-8






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